Aha Training & Development Learn Without Boundaries

Training and development is our forte and privilege.

Empowering others is our calling!

Aha Training and Development is on a mission to crush the common misconception that learning is “BORING”, and provide a training solution that has no boundaries!

Oh and by the way – We only do fun with results!

We passionately believe that learning and development should be powerful and engaging. At Aha Training and Development, we focus on providing learning programmes with soft skills that stimulates the learners mind and heart for success. This is where Aha Training and Development gets to make a difference – something you learn and share could have a profound impact on another person.

Learning and development is something you must do every day!

Aha Training and Development gives you the freedom to create your own training programme best suited for your company’s needs, wants and


Unlimited possibilities in learning

Our Aha Training and Development team gets ecstatic when it comes to their own development! We are forever attending training and empowering ourselves with online courses. Our team knows that knowledge is power and that it can expand your mind to new possibilities. Oh yes – learning also combats boredom! Ta-da!

10 reasons we are your next Training Providers


We inspire new thinking.


Imagine unlimited possibilities and potential for personal, business and team development. We switch on human light bulbs!


We engage and encourage participation from learners delegates team members and employees.

4. Collaborate

Collaborate with others who share our passion for development.


We believe in flexible training and development programmes to suit your specific needs. You have the opportunity as a company to design your own work manuals to target your specific needs for your company.

6. Innovation & Creativity

We add innovation &amp; creativity<b> </b>in all we do. We strive for EXTRAordinary, so that you too can be extraordinary.

7. ENERgize

We energize learning. We do FUN. Yes, we believe in fun. Fun achieves enhanced learner retention. Fun helps delegates relax. Fun to get team members talking to each other again. Fun – because life is too short not to have fun.


We do Ayoba at our unique off-site training facilities, First of its kind in S.A – check it out here!  Or we bring the AYOBA to you!

9. zest

We bring zest to training with our customised toolkits, manuals, and ROI downloadable application with innovative technology.

10. One-Stop-Shop

We are a ONE-STOP shop! We provide training, conference facilities, fun-filled year-end functions, team-building, branding, workplace assessment, coaching, mentoring, facilitation, delegate engagement and crowd warmers.